Roth Lube Storage Tanks - FAQs

Storing tanks

Tanks should be stored inside in a dry environment. The storage area need not be heated, only protected from the elements. Tanks cannot be stacked.


All tanks are easily handled by two people or with a light weight fork truck. Care should be taken to avoid abrasion which can damage the galvanizing.

Weight on top of tank

The tank is capable of supporting minimal weight directly on the nozzles (less than 5 pounds). The hose reel bracket should be used for heavier equipment.

Hose reel bracket

While the bracket was developed for Balcrank reels, any competitive reel should fit, although mounting holes may need to be drilled. ALL TANKS with a hose reel mounted on them MUST use the tie-down kits to eliminate potential for overturn and a spill.


Four, 2” FNPT connections all above the oil level. No connections, seams, or joints are below the liquid level, all but eliminating the chance of a leak.

Liquid compatibility

The inner tanks are all constructed from food-grade virgin HDPE and are therefore compatible with a wide range of fluids. The tank is compatible with all lubricants, automobile fluids, etc., that we expect you will encounter, including DEF.

If your application involves a fluid other than those used in the automotive industry, please contact Roth for specific evaluation of the product to be stored.


Roth tanks are warranted for 30 years against workmanship or material defects. The Roth warranty includes up to $2M of coverage against environmental remediation in the event of a spill. The Roth warranty is far superior to anything offered by any other tank manufacturer on the market.


We expect most tanks to be installed inside, however we do offer an optional cover for potential outdoor installations for waste oil.


All tanks are proudly produced in our Watertown, NY USA facility.